Design, Build, Service

Rickey Denton Enterprises specializes in die attach systems, but we also design build and service custom equipment. From manual test sets in both discrete devices including optical testing to semiautomatic and fully automatic test handlers. We also design and build custom electronics to our customers needs.

Our experience spans the entire backend of the industry, Die Attach, Wire Bonding, Encapsulation, Marking, and Testing.

Our newest test set in for opto-couplers testing  over temp cycling recording all data points and provide hardware latching of shorts and opens during temp cycling. Data is stored in a database with the ability to view data over time, lot, or device in a graphical view, with the ability to pull information from any run stored in the database server.

We also assist in procurement of various backend equipment, contact us and we will help you find that equipment you need or we may even already have it in our inventory of quality equipment we purchase.

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